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influential lawmakers in u.s. history passes away. >> for his family he was a guard yafnlt for america he was defender of a dream. >> tonight the impact and the legacy of the man known as the lion of the senate. >> hello, i'm vic carter. here's what people are talking about tonight. a black shroud and a vase of white flowers covers the desk of ted kennedy tonight. and tonight america is mourning his passing. jessica kartalija has reaction from massachusetts to maryland. >> reporter: good evening, vic. the massachusetts senator is being remembered as one of the most effective leaders this country has ever had. americans mourn the death of the youngest brother in the american political dynasty. 77-year-old ted kennedy lost his battle with brain cancer overnight at his cape cod home. >> how insulting can you be to make that argument on the floor of the united states argument? >> reporter: during his 47 years on capitol hill kennedy championed civil rights, education, and healthcare. >> he became not only one of the greatest senators of our time, but one of the most accomplished americans eve
. >> but is america you should here the debate. >> america is not about government running things. free enterprise matters. >> we have a barbaric system, when someone loses their job they lose their health care. >> the senator will hold a meeting but still continue to support the government stepping in to reform health care. >> people will be more informed, i will have a bet are understanding as to their concerns. >> reporter: several bills have been discussed about out they're not ready to be voted on. he hopes one bill will be on the floor by the fall and the third meeting, by the way, is wednesday in hagerstown. kelly macpherson, wjz news. >>> police are asking for help to identify a homicide victim who may have died years ago. here are the sketches released by police. investigators found the remains of this woman in the 900 block of baltimore boulevard back in march. they don't know who she is. they believe the victim is a white female in her teens or 20s. anyone with information should call police. >>> a tragedy over the skies of new york now investigators are trying to figure out what happe
and laura ling are free women. they're heading home to america, hitching a ride on former president bill clinton's jet. it was clinton's surprise visit and face to face talks with north korean dictator kim jong- il that secured their special parts. the two journalists were captured in march along north korea's border. they were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for illegal entry and engaging in hostile acts. they were working for former vice president al gore's media venture current tv. clinton now runs a nonprofit organization out of this building in new york's harlem neighborhood. he's always been known for his ability to negotiate, and he proved that once again in north korea. it's win-win. the united states gets the journalists back, and it's hopeful it can reopen talks over north korea's nuclear program. north korea and its dictator get worldwide attention. >> it is showing the north koreans the real benefits of a constructive and normalized relationship with the united states. >> reporter: the journalist families are overjoyed and thanked clinton and gore, saying they are countin
're that the point. >> reporter: a sea of bad debt and default led to the mortgage crisis in america. yet, good news is on the horizon. according to the association of realtors home sales are up 15%. that makes maryland 9th in the number of homes sold. >> prices are firmed up and units are up. and good. >> reporter: a stable job market has helped the real estate. home sales are up in howard. and baltimore county but in the city according to the baltimore business journal. there are no concerns that they will increases will continue but it is a good time to buy. >> what about interest there are banks holding on to money and the bailout people are not getting the loans they hoped to get. >> the highers there is fh. a loans available for first- time buyers. >> like brittney and jeremy. they are renovating their home and hope to move it. >> it is a buyer's market. prices are low. interest rates are low, it is a good time to buy. >> reporter: again the market may be improving but if you like to buy a home, there are a few things to do such as knowing what your credit score is and making sure you shop
the other maryland schools is john hopkins. they ranked 14th. >>> america has voted. baltimore's grand can boast the country's second best restroom. in an online poll, the restroom finished only behind a theater in branson, missouri. ten of the nation's finest facilities were up for the honor. >> i don't think our studio was listed. >> let's take a look around the region. a warm night. 84 degrees. it's really amazing. the dew point is up to 72. humidity is high. southwest winds at 9. around the region, it was a very warm day. 91. 72 the low. 63 is the average low. records. 1983 it was 105. temperatures 71 in oakland. 87 in ocean city. around the baltimore region, temperatures around the 80- degree mark. out to the west, a sharp frontal system will be heading east over the next day or so. by friday and saturday, it will be in our vicinity. with that showers and thunderstorms. that's going to miss us. but the front will be approaching us. we're destined to get showers and thunderstorms. some of them come in locally heavy. this front will help kick bill out towards the east away from us as i
that date down. >>> you can see the president's picture and other sim balances of america, but what about what you can't see on those dollar bills? >> the substance scientists found covering paper money, and why you likely have some in your wallet. >>> guilt and disgust push michael vick to tears. what the quarterback is saying about his time behind bars. >> reporter: the city of baltimore is one step closer to bringing the very cars that race the indy 500 to race down town, but there are still plenty of obstacles. i'm weijia jiang. that story is straight ahead. >>> more hot and summery days to come, and a chance of some more showers. i'm bob turk. i'll have the complete first warning forecast coming up next. s on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's insurance too. for more information call 1-800-947-auto or check the yellow pages for an office near you. [tires screeching] [screech] accidents can happen anytime. that's why geico's here 24 hours a day, every day. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or mor
to come, america's favorite pastime has a whole favorite pastime has a whole new set of pliers. this is humiliating. stand still so we can get an accurate reading. pounds and a smidge. a smidge? y'know, there's really no need to weigh packages under 70 pounds. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. cool. you know this scale is off b. maybe five. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. >>> new technology is helping the blind play baseball. they call this beat ball. the baseball makes a constant beeping sound that lets players know where it is, and the bases are a little bit bigger. everyone is wearing eye masks to even out the playing field. looks interesting. >>> it seems sky diving is all the rage for some elderly americans. what a way to ring another decade. a topeka, kansas man celebrated his 80th by jumping out of a plane. after a lifetime of teaching school he says he took this leap to show his appreciation for his life. we'll be right back. ♪
... and suvs in america. i don't know if you've heard, but this whole fuel-efficiency thing... kind of a big deal. anyway, ford and lincoln mercury have you covered. in fact, they're your cash for clunkers specialists. they'll recycle your ride and get you a rebate of up to $4,500. how's that for going green? why ford? why now? why not? visit your ford or lincoln mercury dealer. tell 'em mike sent you. if you think it would help. . >>> this is wjz. baltimore. >> from the city, to the counties, to your neighborhood. now it's complete coverage. it's wjz. >> inner harbor shooting. reaction from shoppers, the latest from police and the promise of the mayor. >> good evening. thank you for joining us. right now police are searching for a brazen gunman who opened fire shooting two people in the middle of that popular area. tonight we stay on the story live. we have the latest. >> reporter: a very strong police presence down here at the inner harbor. huge crowds all day long despite the double shooting. gun shots around 10:00 saturday night sent dozens inside the area running for cover. >> i was
bit of a break today to see one of america's natural wonders. president obama brought his family to yellowstone national park to see old faithful. they stopped to see the guys shoot hot water 100 feet in the air. tomorrow, the obamas will continue their nationality park tour with a stop at the grand canyon. we'll be back with an update on that breaking news, a shooting at the inner harbor when we >>> i want to update tonight's breaking news from the inner harbor. baltimore city police tell us that two people have been shot inside the light street pavilion. we're now told their injuries are not believed to be life- threatening. however, we do know that one of the victims is said to be 20 years old. the other, possibly a teenager. police were alerted to the area that a man was seen inside the building with a gun. then the shots rang out. a number of witnesses telling eyewitness news tonight, shoppers and diners had to run out of the building when they
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9